Frequently asked questions

Please refer to and/or our related publication: van Leeuwen, K.G., Schalekamp, S., Rutten, M.J.C.M. et al. Artificial intelligence in radiology: 100 commercially available products and their scientific evidence. Eur Radiol 31, 3797–3804 (2021).

Information on majority of the products has been provided by the vendors themselves. They update information when necessary or we propose changes based on press releases. If the vendors did not verify and complement the information, the product specifications are based on public sources (vendor website, press releases). On the Products page the Information source for each product is listed as Vendor or Public.

Software that may impact patient outcome is considered a medical device and needs to conform to certain safety standards. The CE mark in Europe and FDA clearance in the United States indicate conformity to those standards and allows for selling and clinical use of the product in that region. We verify the FDA clearances using the FDA database and request the CE certificate or Declaration of Conformity to verify CE certification. If Certification verified is answered No, we were not able to retrieve all documents.

The general order on the Products page is alphabetically based on the product names. Products with MDR certification are listed first, followed by products for which the information was provided by the vendor (Information source: Vendor) and certification was verified (Certification verified: Yes).

No, companies do not pay to be listed in this overview of artificial intelligence software in radiology. We aim to increase transparency in the field and be as comprehensive as possible. This also means companies cannot pay to be prioritized in the listing order.

The platform is being maintained by Romion Health.

We try to keep the information up to date as much as possible. For this we largely depend on the vendors passing us the latest changes. Also, we keep track of news, social media and press releases. Do you notice something that should be updated? Or products that are missing? Please, let us know by sending an email to Want to receive a monthly summary of the changes? Please, subscribe to our newsletter here.

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We do not provide the database in Excel or csv format. Due to the limited resources to keep the platform maintained, we are not able to follow up on these requests.

We are not a marketplace or reseller. Please, click on the vendor name or logo to be redirected to the company page. Here, you can find the vendor's contact details to discuss a purchase.

Check if you have products meeting the criteria and get in touch! You will then receive further instructions on which information to supply.